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Starting your own business? Congratulations!

The Meacher-Jones team has a proud track record of helping new businesses get off the ground and prepare for success, and we can do the same for you.

The planning stage and those first few months are critical in creating the foundations for a successful, sustainable business. Talking to the Meacher-Jones experts can give you the head-start you need, leaving you with the peace of mind and freedom to do what you do best.

Following your free initial consultation with one of our Accountants, we can then help you with the formalities of registering your business.

You’ll have a named adviser to call on as when you need them.

Managing Your Business

As every successful business owner and manager knows, the ability to access accurate information at any time about every vital aspect of the business’s financial status is critical for effective management and decision-making.

The Meacher-Jones team prides itself on being as much a partner as a provider of expertise and experience, wherever and whenever it’s needed. That’s where we can add the real value.

As much as we’re there to help you comply and report, we’re there to give you all the timely advice and input you need to make the most of the opportunities for success. And even in those times when business falls short of expectations, we’re there to offer objectivity, sound advice and sustainable solutions in areas such as management accounts, company secretarial matters and advice on accounting systems & packages.

Growing Your Business

As your business expands, you will face other challenges such as.

  • Raising additional finance to fund growth
  • Employing additional staff
  • Restructuring to legally mitigate taxation

Meacher-Jones can help with this growth.

Exiting The Business

Choosing the right time to sell your business could be one of the most important decisions you make.

Meacher-Jones have many years experience of helping business owners maximise the value of the business and mitigate their tax liabilities ensuring all the hard work put into building up a business is not wasted.

If you need help selling  your business, why not let our associate company Cestrian Business Sales do the hard work for you.

To go to Cestrian Business Sales’ website, please click here.

Our business has grown rapidly over the years and David Meacher-jones has always been there not just doing the numbers but advising on a wide range of financial issues that have arisen.

Phil Snewin

MD, T&L Leasing

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