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Payroll Support

The need to keep up to date with complex rules governing employee tax, benefits and NI and implement changes can be an unwelcome, time-consuming distraction for any size of business.

New regulations can be introduced at any time throughout the year. Amending tax codes and adjusting salaries to take account of holiday pay, repayment of student loans and voluntary giving can prove quite daunting. Not to mention organising payslips, salary payments and P60s.

Getting it wrong isn’t an option. Penalties can be significant, including fines for the employer and extra deductions for employees, which are never good for morale.

Modern accounting software can lighten the burden but there is still the acquisition, installation and operation and associated manpower costs to consider.

There is an alternative. It’s convenient, reliable and remarkably cost-effective.

The Meacher-Jones Payroll Desk offers a bespoke service for employers with 1 – 100 employees.

More than 50% of our clients currently use the service. They provide us with the basic information by phone, fax or e-mail and the Meacher-Jones Payroll Desk takes over.

The service includes

  • Undertaking pay/deduction calculations
  • Reporting on each payroll run showing net pay and deductions
  • Providing payslips
  • Undertaking year-end activity including P14’s
  • RTI submissions
  • Ongoing support

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

If you work within the construction industry & employ subcontractors you will be aware of HMRC’s CIS scheme and the complex rules you must follow.

By taking advantage of our existing knowledge of the CIS scheme you can have comfort of knowing your business is complying with the rules.

Our service covers:

  • Registering your business with HMRC under CIS
  • Check the status of subcontractors
  • Make monthly CIS returns to HMRC

Benefits in Kind – P11D Service

Many employers are required to complete P11D forms to notify HMRC of employee benefits (e.g. company cars).

P11D’s must be completed for all employees with annual earnings above £8,500 (including the gross cost of any benefits) and for all directors that receive a benefit from the company.

Forms P11D and P11D(b) must be completed and submitted online to HMRC by 6 July each year and penalties for late submission can be  imposed of £100 per 50 employees for each month your P11D (b) is late.

At Meacher-Jones, we offer a simple and easy to manage service that assists with the preparation of all required P11D forms

Auto Enrolment Pensions

Auto Enrolment is the government scheme that will affect all employers and failure to comply with the rules will result in heavy fines.

Every employer has a staging date and will be responsible for:

  • Enrolling all eligible employees onto a pension scheme
  • Contribute to the employees pension
  • Monitoring the scheme

At Meacher-Jones we can guide you through the process of Auto Enrolment and as part of our payroll service, administer the pension scheme on your behalf including:

  • Monitor your employees to identify which are eligible to be enrolled
  • Handle employee opt outs
  • Provide a pension file to upload to your pension provider
  • Handle all the legal communications involved.


I’ve been dealing with Meacher-Jones for a number of years now and Matt Cardus is a pleasure to converse with.  He is efficient and thorough in his work and a real credit to the company.  Never too busy to help me with the smallest and sometimes larger queries, and always with a smile.

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